Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I've been a bit more of a busy blogger today! Well, here are my new year's resolutions and i'll keep the world updated with how i'm doing with them...

1. I really really really need to stop biting my nails! I've been doing it since i was 7 and i just can't stop. It's not that i haven't tried and it's not even to do with willpower, it's just that i don't even realise that i'm biting my nails before they are torn to pieces. No point using that horrible tasting polish thing to stop me biting because all my food tastes of it then so i'll just have to be extra careful...

2. Keep in contact with my friends while i'm at uni. I was a bit of a hermit last term in respect to giving my friends a call, but now with 500 free minutes a month and a realisation of how much my friends mean to me i'm determined to make that change!

3. And of course, most important, keep a regular update on blogger..

Happy new year.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Arrested Development

Ok it was only a matter of time before i started blogging about arrested development. It's by far my favourite show of all time and it was an absolute travesty that it was cancelled. Of course the blame must go on the american people, i mean not watching arrested development is more of a mistake than GWB in my books.

The show has attracted some fiercely loyal fans, who single handedly ensured the show lasted as long as it did by petitioning Fox. Ever since it finished there has been talk of a movie, a christmas special, a new series on the channel showtime, but nothing has come. If you haven't watched the show you really should go on to amazon and get series one, it's not too expensive and your life will be enriched forever.

Here's my plan for everyone to help to get it back
1. Buy the box sets- UK FANS-

2. Sign the petition (already nearly 12,000 signatures)-

3. Join the facebook group-

4. Force your friends to watch the show and buy them all the box sets for their birthday!


Sass attack

On thursday night me and a few friends decided to play a few practical jokes on our friends. We do this thing called 'sassing', where we go to the victim's house at about 5am and leave something for them to find in the morning. It might not sound that crazy or fun but the sass we did on thursday was amazing.

After getting our sass supplies from a garage we proceeded to make a collage of half naked men, and a condom with some greek yoghurt in the bottom of it with the words "let your imagination run wild" written at the bottom of it. We headed to our friends house at 5am and climbed over a wall before sticking the collage to his bedroom window so when he opened the curtain the next morning he would have 25 naked men staring back at him and a used condom, nice. We also left a pregnancy test outside the house of a friend who's just started dating a girl, along with parenthood magazines, probably led to some strange questions when his parents found them the next morning.

It was a good night, no sleep, driving round county down causing mischief and playing alot of fifa, good times for all.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas eve and the like

Well it's Christmas eve and i've had a pretty eventful week or so at home. All my friends are back from uni now so i've been hanging out with them alot. Also now that i've found free time i've rediscovered my love of poker! I've got a real money account on party poker that i'm not doing that great with but last night at a friend's house we had a tournament and i came second out of 17 and won £20, which will probably be used on party thinking is that if you win money on poker you might as well lose it on poker as well...

It's been great seeing friends again, it can get so lonely in Oxford and it feels like you're trapped in a bubble. It's just nice to be home and relaxing again. Looking forward to christmas as well, getting a nokia n95 on contract and it looks pretty neat.

Chelsea are playing shit by the way, they aren't doing anything right and have somehow been getting away with it...

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Oh dear God...

I'm back on blogger, i'm not sure why really because who is reading this, honestly. In fact if you are reading this i dare you, DARE YOU to leave a comment just to prove me wrong....see no one has, ha.

Ok, i think an update in my life is needed because i've abandoned my blog and haven't left a post since January. I got through my A-levels with hard work and perserverance to a crazy degree and had a wonderful summer, going to oxegen, heading to portstewart with alot of friends, spending time with the family, working in the godforesaken restaurant...... etc etc. When the summer ended i got A level results and was lucky enough to get in to my firm choice so i'm currently an Oxford law student, please don't let that immediately make you think i'm not a nice person...i'm sure it won't... I've finished my first term at uni and it was the most difficult couple of months of my life. The work was really tough and i've never had to push myself as hard. The people there are good though, there are very few of the snooty hard nosed people that the media would love to believe are lurking in the undergrowth and the people at my college really do help make the time go faster and more enjoyably.

Being home for Christmas is really nice though, i can't wait to see friends and i'm enjoying relaxation despite the fact that i'm still having to do 3 hours or so a day of law revision so as not to be left behind. It's difficult to sum up 11 months of your life in one post and it's actually depressing trying to remember the best bits of the last year and finding out that rather than having an array of stories, anecdotes and adventures to share, i'm actually writing about my lack of such things! Don't worry though (not that you should or would) the last 11 months have been very enjoyable and the reason you're not hearing of heroic adventures, promiscuous misadventures and all that lies between is not because there aren't any, but rather that i'm a lazy arse who can't be bothered wracking their brains to find them.

My tennis and football fetish is still very much alive. Chelsea have parted ways with Jose, and although i very much HATE that fact, i will eventually come to terms with it. Andy Murray has had a very good year, almost qualifying for the Master's Championships and he most certainly would have qualified if not for missing three months of the tour. In terms of my own personal performance my tennis (and golf) has gone downhill because of wrist problems that have materialised, as well as knee problems but hopefully that will get better. Football has been going o.k for me as well, i have scored my first goal for my college and although we've lost every match bar one, things are bound to improve....

I hope that everyone else has had a rewarding 2007 and is looking forward to 2008. I'm not sure how regular my posts will be here, i like to think that i'll be here more often than never but who knows.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Any chance of some fun?

Sometimes you want to have an awesome weekend to make up for a crap week at school/work, not me, this weekend the two things i had on my mind were sleep and revision WOW I'M A LIVEWIRE. No seriously, i've my first module on thursday and its a bitch, c3 maths, there's more x's in it than in my host of valentine's cards last year....

So friday i hung out with a mate from my village who also goes to my school, watched hollyoaks as its our fav show (mainly because of sarah in it, my God the girls in it are unbelievable, APPLY TO CHESTER UNI AND YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE THEM!!) Saturday gave me the opportunity to recharge my batteries and make some money through work, though it was ridiculously busy at the restaurant and the bar team which i try and lead was a disaster. Sunday for me is always an interesting day mainly because i get the house by myself all day (DON'T THINK DIRTY!) Usually that means i can watch tv, do any homework i have, play some piano and generally have ME time, Sundays are by far my favourite day. CANNOT WAIT for the tennis to start, its only 30 mins away from beginning and its about this time that i get to delude myself that murray could actually win a grand slam!

Goodish football weekend with Chelsea winning 4-0, Robben back from injury made a huge difference. I just want to say my bit on Jose what with all the rumours of him leaving in June coming out so here is my lowdown.

TRANSFERS- Jose has made a number of transfer blunders, 1.Ferreira for double digits of millions was ridiculous,2.Jarosik, a player that although decent is not a world class player and was a waste of money,3.Shevchenko-too much of a risk, ok a world class player but 30million for a 30 year old is a bit too steep, fernando torres would have been more sensible. OTHERS-del horno, boularouz, wright philips. HOWEVER he has brought carvalho, essien, drogba, ballack, ashley cole, saloman kalou and obi mikel to the club.

PERFORMANCE-Jose is the greatest Chelsea manager of all time FULL STOP. This man has motivated the team to back to back titles and a Carling Cup, and Fa Cup semi, and Champions league semi and last 16(both times losing to the eventual winners). Never before have Chelsea had a team that can claim to be the greatest in the world until now.

ATTITUDE-Jose has a deep love for Chelsea and treats the players like his family, he cares alot about the views of the fans and only wants the best for the club. He is one of the great speakers in the game and has a great portfolio of management, to lose him would be a disaster.


Ok enough sports yabbering today, i'm away to watch the aussie open. Maybe tomorrow i'll have something more meaningful or generally about me sort of post!

Friday, 12 January 2007

Catching Up

So i haven't posted since tuesday, maybe the novelty is wearing of, maybe i've been studying so much(ha) who knows. Well since tuesday a few things have happened, i went to see Biffy Clyro at the Mandela Hall in Belfast, it was a really good gig from a great band. I only have one of their albums so my knowledge of their set list was really limited but i had a class time nonetheless. Justboy and Joy.Discovery.Invention were awesome as they were 2 songs i knew really well. Also chelsea showed their unrivalled class in the league cup drawing 1-1 with the top class side that is wycombe..... rock on!

Ok first thing is first, i need to slag off David Beckham before i forget, let's do a roleplay.
Agent- "OK David, you have a few simple choices and a decision has to be made, you can sign a new contract with Madrid-"
David- "MADRID IS WARM, I LIKE WARM........."
Agent- "Well thats all well and good David but you could also go back to England..."
Agent- "Don't worry David we're used to it by now,back to football, you could play for LA Galaxy and earn 50 million dollars a year, and live near Tom Cruise"
Agent- "Ammm ok i'll take that as a deal for LA....."

I'd like to thank my spy in David's boardroom for such a great scoop.

So moving on briefly to my love of tennis and a quick update on the lives of my three favourite British players. Andy Murray plays Alberto Martin in the Aussie Open, and beat Ivan Ljubicic convincingly in Kooyong this week. Jamie Murray will be playing with Benjamin Becker in the Grand Slam doubles which could propel his ranking if he makes an impact (currently mid 60-s). My other fav player is Alex Bogdanovic, if you want a player to watch out for its him. He too is being trained by Brad Gilbert and will make a huge splash, he didn't qualify for the Aussies unfortunately.

Right well i'll talk to myself again soon

Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Back to school and the hamster wheel of trying to get grades. My welcome back to history class involved a 45 minute essay on soviet foreign policy, and the fact that i spent the two free periods i had before class eating a friend's homework didn't help. To be honest i enjoy school, i've been at the school i'm at now for fourteen years and have met alot of cool people and been taught by some good teachers, though with the good come the bad obviously, it'll be a sad day when i leave (for everyone!)

The pressure is really on these days with uni choices and modules coming up and its something that i can physically feel the weight of on my mind! I heard that MORRISSEY might be doing the eurovision song contest, i mean what, seriously, ITS AWFUL! Morrissey is a legendary artist with millions of fans, does he really need such a publicity stunt, he's sure to come under some major criticism.

Liverpool showed their true quality tonight, after losing embarrassingly to Arsenal in the Premiership earlier this season, they lost embarrassingly to Arsenal at the weekend and well tonight, they lost embarrassingly to Arsenal again, though this time it was 6 they let in! This provides me with a good deal of ammunition towards the huge masses of liverpool fans that swarm my school!

Right, as you can tell by the patheticness of todays blog, it was rather uneventful today and hopefully tomorrow will be more hilarious, i'll tell you what, if nothing interesting happens by 12 tomorrow i'll randomly snog a teacher just so i have something to bring up tomorrow night.

Monday, 8 January 2007

I don't like mondays

So what do you get when you mix laziness, tiredness and inability to think, no not andriy shevchenko but my day in fact. Well the fact that i had a great chunk of homework to do for tomorrow and that i did NONE of it over the holidays didn't help my motivation and i ended up halfheartedly doing a page or two of notes. I was so bored i ended up watching DARTS , no seriously DARTS!!!! All i could think of while watching the darts was "my God, every single player, crowd member and commentator could kick the crap out of me."

Well school tomorrow, so whats the average day in school like. Wake up when its cold everywhere you go and you don't really understand what's happening, then all of a sudden you are in English wondering why the clock seems to be going backwards.... The two best things about school this year is the ability to boss the mini people about as i'm a prefect and havin a really cool common room complete with tv and ps2. Of course the downside to that is that you spend your day trying to get pro evo working then trying to score a goal with a team called Weser while simultaneously trying to work out are any of these players real/if i play this game do i have time to cram together my essay in time for politics class.

Oh just a quick comment to anyone reading my blog, if you ever have any questions or comments about chelsea, tennis, andy murray, music, family guy, arrested development or applying to oxford then leave me a comment.

read this as well

Just to anyone who happens to be reading my blog, have a look at as well to see one of my good friend's accounts.

My last week

Ok just to give the blog a bit of context before i launch into a day by day diary, i wanted to sum up my last week and what has affected it.

The main worry in my life at the minute is january modules, i have 2 A2 level math modules, c3 and c4 which i tried to do last june but ended up getting D's in them...ooops. Revision hasn't been going well, c3 doesn't make sense and i haven't lifted a book for c4, ah well i can improvise.

I work at a small enough restaurant but the last few months its been really busy, not had a chance to relax when i'm there! Had to work on saturday night which ruled out any chance of going out or watching the liverpool arsenal match, once again it was a busy night.

I follow the atp tennis tour and Andy Murray in particular alot so i was really interested in his run in the Doha tournament this week, kicking out davydenko in the semis but just coming short against ljubicic. The run has lifted his ranking up to 15 in the world and the omens are good for the forthcoming Aussie Open, i'd be disappointed with anything less than a last 16 finish from the Scot who i think is only weeks away from a top 10 position and possibly only months away from a grand slam.

Chelsea played against the lowly Macclesfield on Saturday in the FA cup, it's great to have a tournament where lower teams have a chance to play a huge team and boost their finances. Chelsea walked out 6-1 winners with a lampard hat-trick which was a welcome boost to the run of draws. I might be the only person who still has faith in shevchenko and i think he had a good game on saturday, no goals but a couple of good moves and he won a penalty.

Back to school on tuesday, i no its cliched but i really don't wanna go back, my body clock is set to fall asleep at 3.30 and wake up at 12 and school sort of flies in the face of that!

Well time to sign off for now, i don't really know what the shape of things to come will be, whether i'll disappear never to be seen again or whether this will be a regular thing, it'll be interestin to see my view count to see if anyone apart from me is on this thing, i doubt it somehow! Well to anyone who is reading who isn't me, if you have any questions or comments then leave me a message.


Ok i've no idea who will be reading this if anyone, but i'd like to document my days to anyone who could care. I've always wanted to keep a diary of some sort but never had the ability to keep it going, maybe an online one is easier, i guess we'll find out.

Well a little about myself, i'm 17 years old and from the stricken countryside of Northern Ireland (i love it really). I'm at school studying for A-levels in Maths, History, English lit and Politics, i need my 3A's to take up my offer to study law at oxford (st hughs college) in October. I'm a huge Chelsea fan, still in the beautiful dreamland where i feel the premiership is on its way to the bridge, as well as the fa cup, carling cup and champions league. I love playing tennis, its my real passion in life and although i'm not brilliant i try my best, despite being treated like crap at my club i've managed to climb through the ranks and lead the senior team in a few matches which has been fun, though this summer i'll be leaving my club to concentrate on individual training (don't let this fool you into thinking i'm good, i'm crap but just like to practise!).

I love my music as well, if i'm not listening to something then i'm messing about on the piano. I like too many bands to mention here but i'm particularly fond of muse, the arctic monkeys, morrissey and radiohead.

Right, well enough about myself for now, lets get the diary going for real.