Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Back to school and the hamster wheel of trying to get grades. My welcome back to history class involved a 45 minute essay on soviet foreign policy, and the fact that i spent the two free periods i had before class eating a friend's homework didn't help. To be honest i enjoy school, i've been at the school i'm at now for fourteen years and have met alot of cool people and been taught by some good teachers, though with the good come the bad obviously, it'll be a sad day when i leave (for everyone!)

The pressure is really on these days with uni choices and modules coming up and its something that i can physically feel the weight of on my mind! I heard that MORRISSEY might be doing the eurovision song contest, i mean what, seriously, ITS AWFUL! Morrissey is a legendary artist with millions of fans, does he really need such a publicity stunt, he's sure to come under some major criticism.

Liverpool showed their true quality tonight, after losing embarrassingly to Arsenal in the Premiership earlier this season, they lost embarrassingly to Arsenal at the weekend and well tonight, they lost embarrassingly to Arsenal again, though this time it was 6 they let in! This provides me with a good deal of ammunition towards the huge masses of liverpool fans that swarm my school!

Right, as you can tell by the patheticness of todays blog, it was rather uneventful today and hopefully tomorrow will be more hilarious, i'll tell you what, if nothing interesting happens by 12 tomorrow i'll randomly snog a teacher just so i have something to bring up tomorrow night.

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