Thursday, 22 October 2009

I'm learning stuff.

I've made a bit of discovery about human nature today.

Basically, i've got a friend who constantly makes bad decisions. They were looking for an apartment, and they were doing it completely the wrong way. I told them to go to an estate agents, they didn't ever go. I told them to email the university and find out if they had rooms, they didn't do it. Instead they lived in a really shit apartment miles away from everyone and they were completely miserable there.

Now after I wrote an email template for them to send to the university, they've finally done it, and within an hour of doing it they've got a room, aren't i a hero! NO. No is the answer. Now they've got this new room available to move into on Monday, but the old landlord is being a dick. They never signed a lease, and there were no agreements about how much notice she would have to give before moving out, and he is asking for a lot of money off her for notice. I tell her to talk to him and say she shouldn't pay the notice, but instead she seems to think a smarter idea is saying no to the university room and continuing to live in the shitty room that makes her miserable.

So it reaches the point that I am just pretty pissed off. I'm giving a person good advice and they refuse to take it and follow a stupid path. We have a big argument because i pretty much say screw it, i'm fed up of giving you advice when you don't take it, and she gets ultra defensive saying she never asked for my advice in the first place, argument ensues.

My conclusion. People like to think that they know best. They hate to hear that they are doing something in the wrong way. In everyone's subjective mindset, they are all a genius and they all know the perfect methods of doing everything. People should be left to make their own mistakes, and unless someone specifically asks you for advice, you should just let them fall to pieces.

Depressing, yes. Maybe/hopefully this friend is the exception to human nature rather than the rule.