Friday, 4 January 2008

An end has a start

It's coming to the end of my christmas break and to the start of a new term at Oxford, which brings with it dreaded collections. Collections are like mock exams that test whether you've had a really fun Christmas revising hard.... unfortunately i have just had a really fun Christmas. I am looking forward to going back despite the crazy amount of work, it'll be nice to be independent again and know that there's always someone with their door open who is happy to chat. Of course i'm not looking forward to 70 hours of work a week and two 1500 word essays a week culminating in my Moderation exams at the end of term, but you've got to take the bad with the good.
Recently i've got pretty addicted to football manager, i've literally been playing non stop since new year's day. I am the manager of the fantastic Macclesfield Town and so far my team has

-fought off relegation from league two in the first season
-got a safe mid table finish in the second season
-won promotion to league one in the third season
-currently just about fighting off relegation from league one
-got to the 5th round of the FA Cup knocking out Stoke and Southampton

I'm seriously obsessed with this game.

I had a pretty good new years eve as well. Went to my friend's house and a few other friends came over for a pretty small house party involving a few drinking games. It was good craic and a nice way to start the year.

Probably the most important bit of this entry is to say that WE HAD SNOW!!! It's the first time in ages that we've had snow lie so it was pretty cool. Needless to say it's all gone now thanks to the beautiful Northern Irish rain but it was good while it lasted.