Friday, 11 April 2008


I got a pretty good kick up the arse today to be blunt. Basically i had an argument with a good friend and realised that i'd become a bit of a tool. Instead of just asking the person what was going on i created a whole crazy theory in my mind, got worried about what other people were thinking and acted like a total dick. The only good thing as that i've seen that i was an idiot and the fact that i've noticed it has made me come to a few realisations. The reason i'm writing this up on the blog is that so next time i have an argument with someone, especially a friend, i should remember what happened this time and get a little perspective.

You never know when you're going to need a friend on your side. It's crazy how many times people let their own self pride stop them from admitting to a mistake, especially because if people are your real friends it doesn't matter that you "lose face" to them because they're not going to throw it back in your face.

I know this post doesn't really do much for readers but hopefully having this up on the page will teach me a lesson or two.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Prague Spring

I can finally deliver a more interesting post! I'm just back from a trip to Prague with some friends from uni and it was absolutely fantastic. I'm going again in August for a week with school friends and i had such a good trip this time that i'm really very excited about going back in the summer. I spent Sunday-Wednesday in Prague, saw most of the sites and enjoyed the Pilsner Beer.

The city is beautiful, so much to see and the buildings are so unique. The Jewish Quarter is filled with history and the synagogues are amazing, and the Old Town, though becoming progressively tourist led is still fantastic. The Charles Bridge is great to walk across and it brings you to Prague castle which is maybe a little overrated but has brilliant views of the city. Prague is nowhere near as cheap as people make it out to be, compounded by the fact that the GBP's collapse has meant that a pound is only worth 30 Czech Koruna while 6 months ago it was worth 40!

Here's some of my photos