Friday, 11 April 2008


I got a pretty good kick up the arse today to be blunt. Basically i had an argument with a good friend and realised that i'd become a bit of a tool. Instead of just asking the person what was going on i created a whole crazy theory in my mind, got worried about what other people were thinking and acted like a total dick. The only good thing as that i've seen that i was an idiot and the fact that i've noticed it has made me come to a few realisations. The reason i'm writing this up on the blog is that so next time i have an argument with someone, especially a friend, i should remember what happened this time and get a little perspective.

You never know when you're going to need a friend on your side. It's crazy how many times people let their own self pride stop them from admitting to a mistake, especially because if people are your real friends it doesn't matter that you "lose face" to them because they're not going to throw it back in your face.

I know this post doesn't really do much for readers but hopefully having this up on the page will teach me a lesson or two.

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Lacklustre Lawyer said...

A lesson for us all, I think. I am always getting into fights with friends by saying things that I don't mean and not thinking about how they feel about it. To make matters worse, I don't apologise either; I just continue to attack and attack.

Makes things much worse and, of course, you end up feeling really bad; but, yeah, saying 'sorry' or just shutting yourself up is far easier and politer.