Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What I Love

1. Relaxing
2. Food
3. Chelsea Football Club
4. Knowledge
5. The American Office
6. Pam from the American Office
7. Good conversation
8. My family
9. My good friends
10. Independence
11. New York
12. Travelling
13. Bettering myself
14. Feeling fit
15. The start of a relationship
16. The smell of bacon
17. KFC
18. Arrested Development
19. Weezer
20. Catching up with people
21. The beach
22. Muse
23. A really hot day, when you're prepared for a really hot day
24. My own space
25. Technology
26. Laziness
27. Pizza
28. Being the perfect level of drunkenness
29. The limelight in Belfast
30. Spontaneity
31. Tennis
32. Longers
33. Intimacy
34. Accomplishments
35. Winning
36. Skiing
37. Drinking games
38. Video games
39. The cinema
40. When you don't have to worry about money
41. Modest Mouse
42. Laughing
43. Being surprised
44. Christmas
45. Fireworks
46. Disneyland Paris
47. First kisses
48. Efficiency
49. Dogs
50. Doughnuts
51. Cheeky gambling
52. A roulette wheel
53. Aesthetics
54. Driving
55. Inside jokes
56. Unexpected niceness
57. Chillies
58. Creme brulee
59. Itunes
60. Pasta
61. Holidays
62. Plans coming together
63. Lie ins

Thursday, 24 September 2009



It's been about 9 months since I have been here. It's not the first time I have spent a while away from Blogger and then come back, and every time I do this I feel sort of embarrassed about what I've posted in the past. It's a pretty strange emotion, you read what you've written and you automatically feel like you've become a far more mature person since you wrote those things. I don't know how much that is true, I am definitely still immature in many many ways. Maybe it is just one of those gut reactions, like hearing your own voice on a tape, and you think "I can't believe that's what I sound like". I guess that describes how it feels pretty well to me, I'm not sure how well it translates!

I think my plan for my latest return is to go back to treating this blog as a diary, just something to look back on in the future and think, 'Wow, that was a really interesting thing I did'. I guess I'm a nostalgic person. Also, as embarrassing as it can be looking back at things you've done in the past, or reading what I've written before, it is part of who I am and it's like watching myself grow in some sort of out of body experience. I guess that's a pretty cool ideal, but most ideals are pretty cool, that's where the word comes from.

I've mentioned that I feel like I've grown a lot recently. I do think I'm a constantly changing person, some things bad, some things good. My life at the minute is fine, as it always is. I think it is probably apt to give a more concrete update of what I've done in the last 9 months, rather than just some gibberish about psychological change. I've finished two years at Oxford studying law and am going in to my final year soon. I left Europe for the first time in my life this Easter, travelling to Halifax Nova Scotia. I turned 20 and felt old, then realised I'm probably not old. I played, and am playing a lot of tennis. I spent this summer working in London for a few law firms and have got a contract to work at one of them when I finish my degree, and I met so many great people while working there. I went to New York and fell in love with the place.

At the minute I'm sort of looking forward to getting back to Oxford. I love the security of home, knowing that it's somewhere that I can completely relax and that there's nothing really going to happen that surprises me, but I miss university. I miss the unexpected, and I miss the camaraderie. I want to drink, dance, and wonder whether a girl likes me, or if something will happen, all that shit really. Home is great, but there's something special about being in a place with hundreds of people your age.

I think I've written all I want to write at the minute, I could drag this on or just stop now, so it's best to go.