Monday, 26 May 2008

Don't look back into the sun (look forward)

Hahaha, my hilariously titled blog post is a reference to a libertines song that you should all go listen to, ah the humour involved in doing this is fantastic.....

Ok, so i've not been on blogger in quite a while now, about 6 weeks since my last blog post which is poor. So first of all an update. I'm in Oxford at the minute, with 3 weeks to go till i can start my summer. The term's been great so far, we had a ball at college which was very swish and like nothing i've been to before, and i've been living it up on the river going punting about 7 times already this term. I've been playing tennis about 4 times a week and have been made the captain of my college seconds team which i'm happy about because just 2 months ago i was trying to make a final attempt to recover from injury and regain some sort of tennis ability so i'm really happy that it's worked out ok.

I'm really excited about getting home though. It's not that i've had a boring time or anything in Oxford, in fact it's been the best term by a long way, but it's just that i'm getting fed up with the routine of reading list, essay, reading list, essay every few days and i'm looking forward to going 4 months without having to do any law ( least a significant amount less...).

I'm trying to work out some plans for the summer though, because every summer i hope that it's going to be the best summer so far and every summer i have to admit has got gradually better since the age of about 12 so hopefully i can keep the trend going! I get back home on the 14 june, and hopefully i can get straight into playing league tennis for my club, the mighty newcastle. I've got a morrissey gig in Cork on the 26th june that i'm really excited about, i've said for the last 2 years that the singer or band i want to see most is morrissey so it'll be fantastic to actually do it. This july i'm going on what is only my second ever family holiday (my parents run a restaurant so the summer is always too busy for them to take time off) to the Alps for 10 days. I've got a wedding in July to go to, one of my friends from Oxford is getting married so i'm really looking forward to that because i've never been to a wedding where i'm not just an accessory to my parents! Then in august, 9 of my friends and i are going to Prague for a week which should be pretty immense. Also, i'm planning a road trip around the perimeter of Ireland which should take about 5 or 6 days and i think one of my friends will be in France for a month so i'm going to visit them for a few days as well.

I'm sure you can tell i'm pretty excited about the summer...

No other news to report really. My law course is going ok. I'm studying tort and contract law this term, which is actually really interesting. After doing roman law and constitutional law which are both a little bit abstract it is good to get on to a couple of subjects that really relate to everyday life. I've been on a few open days to solicitor firms and have finally (i hope) decided that i would prefer to work as a solicitor in london than as a barrister. I don't have to apply for vac schemes till christmas so i'm not going to worry about that just yet, except to say that so far i really like the look of A&O and despite the fact it's a really traditional firm, Slaughter and May. I've been elected the law society president of my college which is cool and should give me a few chances to change the way things are done at the college and make the fresher's experience in October even better so i'm looking forward to that.

In terms of sport, just to finish with, i think that the winner of the djokovic nadal semi final which is bound to happen, will be the winner of the tournament and i don't think that federer has a chance against either player. Football...the champions league final left me totally broken and i've not really come to deal with terry's miss yet but i'll forget about that, it's good to see the back of avram and as much as i'd like jose to return it won't happen and i'd be more than happy to see Frank Rijkaard come in and teach chelsea to play some attacking football. Pity that lewis hamilton won in monaco, i'm a ferrari fan and they completely messed up. Monaco is the sort of race that if you win qualifying you should really win the race and it was a shambles. Looking forward to Euro 08 and the Olympics now, hopefully my summer of adventure and fun will be matched by a hell of a lot of sport as well.