Sunday, 14 January 2007

Any chance of some fun?

Sometimes you want to have an awesome weekend to make up for a crap week at school/work, not me, this weekend the two things i had on my mind were sleep and revision WOW I'M A LIVEWIRE. No seriously, i've my first module on thursday and its a bitch, c3 maths, there's more x's in it than in my host of valentine's cards last year....

So friday i hung out with a mate from my village who also goes to my school, watched hollyoaks as its our fav show (mainly because of sarah in it, my God the girls in it are unbelievable, APPLY TO CHESTER UNI AND YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE THEM!!) Saturday gave me the opportunity to recharge my batteries and make some money through work, though it was ridiculously busy at the restaurant and the bar team which i try and lead was a disaster. Sunday for me is always an interesting day mainly because i get the house by myself all day (DON'T THINK DIRTY!) Usually that means i can watch tv, do any homework i have, play some piano and generally have ME time, Sundays are by far my favourite day. CANNOT WAIT for the tennis to start, its only 30 mins away from beginning and its about this time that i get to delude myself that murray could actually win a grand slam!

Goodish football weekend with Chelsea winning 4-0, Robben back from injury made a huge difference. I just want to say my bit on Jose what with all the rumours of him leaving in June coming out so here is my lowdown.

TRANSFERS- Jose has made a number of transfer blunders, 1.Ferreira for double digits of millions was ridiculous,2.Jarosik, a player that although decent is not a world class player and was a waste of money,3.Shevchenko-too much of a risk, ok a world class player but 30million for a 30 year old is a bit too steep, fernando torres would have been more sensible. OTHERS-del horno, boularouz, wright philips. HOWEVER he has brought carvalho, essien, drogba, ballack, ashley cole, saloman kalou and obi mikel to the club.

PERFORMANCE-Jose is the greatest Chelsea manager of all time FULL STOP. This man has motivated the team to back to back titles and a Carling Cup, and Fa Cup semi, and Champions league semi and last 16(both times losing to the eventual winners). Never before have Chelsea had a team that can claim to be the greatest in the world until now.

ATTITUDE-Jose has a deep love for Chelsea and treats the players like his family, he cares alot about the views of the fans and only wants the best for the club. He is one of the great speakers in the game and has a great portfolio of management, to lose him would be a disaster.


Ok enough sports yabbering today, i'm away to watch the aussie open. Maybe tomorrow i'll have something more meaningful or generally about me sort of post!

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