Monday, 8 January 2007

I don't like mondays

So what do you get when you mix laziness, tiredness and inability to think, no not andriy shevchenko but my day in fact. Well the fact that i had a great chunk of homework to do for tomorrow and that i did NONE of it over the holidays didn't help my motivation and i ended up halfheartedly doing a page or two of notes. I was so bored i ended up watching DARTS , no seriously DARTS!!!! All i could think of while watching the darts was "my God, every single player, crowd member and commentator could kick the crap out of me."

Well school tomorrow, so whats the average day in school like. Wake up when its cold everywhere you go and you don't really understand what's happening, then all of a sudden you are in English wondering why the clock seems to be going backwards.... The two best things about school this year is the ability to boss the mini people about as i'm a prefect and havin a really cool common room complete with tv and ps2. Of course the downside to that is that you spend your day trying to get pro evo working then trying to score a goal with a team called Weser while simultaneously trying to work out are any of these players real/if i play this game do i have time to cram together my essay in time for politics class.

Oh just a quick comment to anyone reading my blog, if you ever have any questions or comments about chelsea, tennis, andy murray, music, family guy, arrested development or applying to oxford then leave me a comment.

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