Monday, 8 January 2007


Ok i've no idea who will be reading this if anyone, but i'd like to document my days to anyone who could care. I've always wanted to keep a diary of some sort but never had the ability to keep it going, maybe an online one is easier, i guess we'll find out.

Well a little about myself, i'm 17 years old and from the stricken countryside of Northern Ireland (i love it really). I'm at school studying for A-levels in Maths, History, English lit and Politics, i need my 3A's to take up my offer to study law at oxford (st hughs college) in October. I'm a huge Chelsea fan, still in the beautiful dreamland where i feel the premiership is on its way to the bridge, as well as the fa cup, carling cup and champions league. I love playing tennis, its my real passion in life and although i'm not brilliant i try my best, despite being treated like crap at my club i've managed to climb through the ranks and lead the senior team in a few matches which has been fun, though this summer i'll be leaving my club to concentrate on individual training (don't let this fool you into thinking i'm good, i'm crap but just like to practise!).

I love my music as well, if i'm not listening to something then i'm messing about on the piano. I like too many bands to mention here but i'm particularly fond of muse, the arctic monkeys, morrissey and radiohead.

Right, well enough about myself for now, lets get the diary going for real.

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