Monday, 8 January 2007

My last week

Ok just to give the blog a bit of context before i launch into a day by day diary, i wanted to sum up my last week and what has affected it.

The main worry in my life at the minute is january modules, i have 2 A2 level math modules, c3 and c4 which i tried to do last june but ended up getting D's in them...ooops. Revision hasn't been going well, c3 doesn't make sense and i haven't lifted a book for c4, ah well i can improvise.

I work at a small enough restaurant but the last few months its been really busy, not had a chance to relax when i'm there! Had to work on saturday night which ruled out any chance of going out or watching the liverpool arsenal match, once again it was a busy night.

I follow the atp tennis tour and Andy Murray in particular alot so i was really interested in his run in the Doha tournament this week, kicking out davydenko in the semis but just coming short against ljubicic. The run has lifted his ranking up to 15 in the world and the omens are good for the forthcoming Aussie Open, i'd be disappointed with anything less than a last 16 finish from the Scot who i think is only weeks away from a top 10 position and possibly only months away from a grand slam.

Chelsea played against the lowly Macclesfield on Saturday in the FA cup, it's great to have a tournament where lower teams have a chance to play a huge team and boost their finances. Chelsea walked out 6-1 winners with a lampard hat-trick which was a welcome boost to the run of draws. I might be the only person who still has faith in shevchenko and i think he had a good game on saturday, no goals but a couple of good moves and he won a penalty.

Back to school on tuesday, i no its cliched but i really don't wanna go back, my body clock is set to fall asleep at 3.30 and wake up at 12 and school sort of flies in the face of that!

Well time to sign off for now, i don't really know what the shape of things to come will be, whether i'll disappear never to be seen again or whether this will be a regular thing, it'll be interestin to see my view count to see if anyone apart from me is on this thing, i doubt it somehow! Well to anyone who is reading who isn't me, if you have any questions or comments then leave me a message.

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