Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I've been a bit more of a busy blogger today! Well, here are my new year's resolutions and i'll keep the world updated with how i'm doing with them...

1. I really really really need to stop biting my nails! I've been doing it since i was 7 and i just can't stop. It's not that i haven't tried and it's not even to do with willpower, it's just that i don't even realise that i'm biting my nails before they are torn to pieces. No point using that horrible tasting polish thing to stop me biting because all my food tastes of it then so i'll just have to be extra careful...

2. Keep in contact with my friends while i'm at uni. I was a bit of a hermit last term in respect to giving my friends a call, but now with 500 free minutes a month and a realisation of how much my friends mean to me i'm determined to make that change!

3. And of course, most important, keep a regular update on blogger..

Happy new year.

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