Sunday, 30 December 2007

Sass attack

On thursday night me and a few friends decided to play a few practical jokes on our friends. We do this thing called 'sassing', where we go to the victim's house at about 5am and leave something for them to find in the morning. It might not sound that crazy or fun but the sass we did on thursday was amazing.

After getting our sass supplies from a garage we proceeded to make a collage of half naked men, and a condom with some greek yoghurt in the bottom of it with the words "let your imagination run wild" written at the bottom of it. We headed to our friends house at 5am and climbed over a wall before sticking the collage to his bedroom window so when he opened the curtain the next morning he would have 25 naked men staring back at him and a used condom, nice. We also left a pregnancy test outside the house of a friend who's just started dating a girl, along with parenthood magazines, probably led to some strange questions when his parents found them the next morning.

It was a good night, no sleep, driving round county down causing mischief and playing alot of fifa, good times for all.

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