Monday, 6 October 2008

On the brink again

So at 1.40 tomorrow i leave Northern Ireland again to go back to Oxford. It's always something i find amazing that you can be transported from one world to another in a matter of hours, and that right now in Oxford my friends are probably chatting away on my corridor without me. It's all very strange and something i find interesting, it makes a person feel really small.

I've been listening to Weezer so much recently, i'd really recomment getting Pinkerton, it's such a heartfelt album and full of angsty stuff and the lyrics are just fantastic. It's such a pity that Weezer haven't been able to reach the heights of their past, though the Green Album and Red Album have a few good songs, though Make Believe is one of the worst albums i've ever heard, i'm still undecided on Maladroit. 

I've also become pretty obsessed with Heroes recently, it's the sort of show i like, sci-fi, but not ridiculously so, and full of suspense, definitely something i'm glad i've started watching.

As always i'm in two minds about going back to Oxford, i think i'm naturally quite a lazy person, i've enjoyed being at home so much and their is a certain inertia that has built up, i don't feel like being thrust back into a world of work and pressure is something i want right now, but i know it's what is necessary in the long run and i've always had a really determined character so there's no way i would ever give up. I can't wait to see people in Oxford again though.

I feel i've changed a lot this summer, i feel a lot more confident in myself than i did at the start of the summer and feel i'm beginning to work out what sort of a person i am. It's taken me a long time to realise that there is no point trying to please people who you don't really know and that the most important thing is to keep yourself happy while looking out for the people you care about. Hopefully i can realise this semi-philosophy, i have my own tastes, i don't want to pander to others. I hope that people will see me for who i really am in life now whether for the better or worse. 

PS. I'm so disenchanted with the US Presidential Race, i feel proud to be a UK citizen right now (though in a very real sense i consider myself an irish citizen but that's a different story). Both candidates should be ashamed of themselves for the negative politics and the smear campaign they are both running. For Sarah Palin to claim that Barack Obama associates with terrorists because he served on a charity board with quite an undesirable figure is so slimy, and for Obama to bring up a financial scandal that McCain was a minor part of and later claimed that it was the biggest mistake of his life and apologised is just as pathetic. 

There is no morality in a US election, unlike in the UK where negative politics are certainly on the rise but thankfully show no such level as what occurs in the USA. 

Both candidates in the USA are involved in a dispicable campaign and it is so disappointing that neither could take the moral highground and focus solely on positive politics.

Who knows when i'll be posting again, Oxford always seems to really limit my posting. Hopefully i'll be back soon.

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Lacklustre Lawyer said...

Interesting thoughts on the US elections. Prima facie, looking at the long American election season and comparing it to the UK equivalent is quite disheartening for us. We don't really have the equivalent of Presidential debates between out party leaders for example. I do agree with you that the current American election process has taken a turn for the worst. I've watched both the Presidential debates and haven't found them to be as good as they should be. Both Obama and McCain favour catchy one-liners and attacking the other's views after attributing a different meaning to those views than the one intended. This is done at the expense of actual substance. I would have liked Obama to take the high-ground in the most recent debate. Both candidates should have done better though. Lets hope it gets better in the next few weeks.

Good luck with your new term at Oxford and keep blogging!