Thursday, 21 February 2008

Boxed up creativity

Well I wrote this a few months back, and it's been perching on the right hand side of my blog since then but i've been hesitant to admit authorship, it always feels like you are opening yourself up to ridicule if you do. Anyway, here it is, I still feel it's unfinished despite not making any changes for a month now.

Beauty will save the world,
The noble wanderers,
That plunder silently.
Midas whispers.
Quick! Grab as much as you can before it all turns to dust,
Or before you do.

Fight nature, become young again,
Let your wondrous man-made light shine forever,
Care about yourself, you deserve to.
Don’t feel selfish anymore.
Are you lost?

I don’t know where we’re heading,
Anguished and alone.
Close the curtains.
Keep the vultures at bay.
Are you delicate?
Are you beautiful?
I doubt it.

I took the first line from the novel "the idiot" and developed it from there, ok it's a little bleak but it's basically my belief that beauty is becoming more and more difficult to find in a world ravaged by economic gain. I sound pretentious.

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