Saturday, 9 February 2008

28 (or more) Days Later

It was surprising to come on blogspot for the first time in a good while and see my view count go up a bit so at least i know i'm preaching to a proverbial choir (or a man and his dog) now. It's been a very busy few weeks back in Oxford, lots of tough work and adjusting to having a social life to having an antisocial life is difficult. Still, i've managed to have alot more fun this term, getting out to the cinema, clubs and pubs significantly more. Also, to give you a hint of my dancing professional ability i'll stick a photo or two on of our last college fancy dress party, i was off the hook, i mean seriously, check out the pose....

I'm also heading home for a few days on the 13th of February so i'm looking forward to that.

OK, in a family guy "here's what grinds my gears" style i'm going to have to make a verbal assault. If anyone can inform me to why people seem to think that the word 'lose' as in, to lose a football match, is spelt loose PLEASE let me know. Don't worry, i know its a pretty petty pet hate but it's a hate nonetheless. Hilariously i tried to explain the distinction to one of my friends and asked him to change his msn so that it has lose instead of loose and he responded curtily "no".

Right, a short post for now and i'll do another when i get back home.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh you're so cute.