Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Just to let any readers know, I support the McCain/Palin ticket. I can't be bothered to justify it to any real extent right now, but perhaps in the future. I'm not a natural republican by any means, i've supported the Democrats in every election and mid-term that i can remember, but i have a lot of respect for John McCain and he isn't a true republican, imo being one of the most liberal republican candidates ever. I know everyone seems to think Sarah Palin is evil, meh, she seems allreet to me despite the fact she is under investigation for corruption (which she vehemently denies) and that she has a pregnant teenage daughter (which i feel should have no place in any analysis of her but am only mentioning to highlight that it shouldn't serve a place, ironic eh?). 

So before you get swept away in the tide of Obama fever, take a step back and really look at the career of McCain and the policies that he favours compared to those of Obama. It's very easy to simply support Obama because of the fervour of support that he holds at the minute, or alternatively because of the tarnished name of the republican party after the shambolic presidency of GWB, John McCain is a different breed of Republican and is the right man for the job. 

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Lacklustre Lawyer said...

I'm the opposite, I'm for the Obama/Biden ticket! Mostly Obama as he's the one that's going to be doing something worthwhile and important for 8 years than Biden who sits waiting for a phonecall telling him to go down to the senate and break the deadlock in a crucial vote that is taking place.

It occurs to me that this is potentially an interesting question and that I should probably explain why I support Obama and really hope that he's the next President. I shall do so on my own blog though so as not to hijack yours!

Best wishes.