Sunday, 16 March 2008

An Update

Right, so i'm home after a hellish term that culminated in 3 weeks of literally living in a library in an attempt to avoid failing my law moderations, i'll let you know how i do when i get the marks but i'm not expecting much from criminal law which was an absolute disaster.

So what is this post about.. basically i'm a bit in limbo at the minute. I don't have a topic for an aggressive argument essay, i was going to bore you with law talk but i've decided against it, mainly because the last thing i want to think about is law at the minute.

I'm planning to get quite big into the tennis again and get heavily back into competition. When i was younger i was a decent player, i only started playing at 10 but by the time i was 16 i had won every junior and senior tournament at my local tennis club. I tried to play on a higher scale, winning the divisional youth league for my club but not doing too well on a more national scale, only winning 1 match in 3 attempts at the ulster championships. Not being able to make a significant step up started to affect my confidence and then i got a knee injury playing football that has taken 2 years to heal and still isn't completely better.

I played tennis for only the 5th time in 2 years a few weeks ago. I've made 4 previous attempts to start playing again but either my knee injury has came back or i've just not kept it up but i've played really regularly in the last few weeks and now i'm home i'm hoping to get back to a good standard. So my tennis targets, i'm hoping to play 3 times a week this easter and then play for college in trinity term. Hopefully by the end of trinity i'll be back to my best, but it'll be tough because i'm having to teach myself all the shots again and things like court position and shot selection are really difficult to just pick up again. In the summer i'd like to get back playing for my club and winning some tournaments again. I'll document my attempts as they happen.

Tomorrow is St Paddy's Day so wherever you are in the world, get hammered.

I'll leave you with a law thought... did you know that the law of private (self) defence allows you to repel using reasonable force any attack, or even if you mistakenly believe an attack to be imminent. However, as there is no test of a reasonable belief of an attack a loophole in the law means that a racist who honestly believes that a black person is about to kill him could murder the innocent man and use the defence of private defence. Nice to know the law is there to support those who really need it.

I'll post again soon, and it'll be more interesting I PROMISE.


Lacklustre Lawyer said...

Hey CBV,

Splendid blog you have here, I have enjoyed reading a lot of your posts.

I recall that loophole in relating to self-defence that you mentioned in your post too. I remember thinking that it was rather bizarre too because of the absence of a reasonableness requirement. However, I've always thought that the courts would be slow to expand on the defence especially if its used as a defence for a racist. I doubt that he would be believed and imagine that the courts would be far from willing to allow the defence to succeed.

Hope you manage to rekindle your tennis skills - I know from experience that its hard to do; but I've never participated in tennis competitions on any level though.

Good Luck with it and enjoy your Easter break.



A said...

Would love to hear more about Oxford life, especially a law student!

Seems like a whole different world to me.